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Nowadays, the popularity of the executive search boutiques is increasing exponentially:
A.-  What is this fact due to?
B.-  What advantages do they bring?
C.-  What makes them special?

Especial executive search boutique

What makes an executive search boutique so special?

“Good things come in small packages”

The quality of a service is not based on its size, infrastructure or the investment in advertising made by the company. Service’s quality is based on other facts as such as dedication, care, or effort.

These are the aspects that make the difference in a boutique. The executive search boutiques companies are specialized firms that are oriented towards very specific projects and targets. These boutiques are dedicated to the client and enhance these aspects mentioned above.

The executive search boutiques work exclusively with projects according to the client’s needs. Client will be accompanied throughout the process and constantly informed. A direct and close relationship will be established, the client will be constantly informed about the evolution of searches.

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This is because the executive search boutiques assign an exclusive senior consultant to the client. Therefore, the client will have a single interlocutor. This fact makes the communication and the relationship with the company easier. For the boutique, the client is the protagonist of the process. The consultant will offer all his dedication and loyalty to the client so that the process would be as personalized and meticulous as possible.

Here, in Golferich, we are an executive search firm that strength these aspects to give the clients what they need. We are specialist in many types of executive search, for example, sales executive search or engineer executive search. If you are looking for a close, customize, thorough and specialized experience, this is the place you are looking for.

We all know dressing in Zara or HM is not the same as in Coco Channel. What we intend is to become increasingly like Coco Channel. We intend is to offer the dedication and the attentions that Coco Channel provides.

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What is the reason for the exponential growth of boutique executive search?

Nowadays, the companies are giving more importance to human capital, because success depends on this capital. Therefore, the companies are dedicating more care and effort to search this talent. However, this task is complex and complicated since a bad search can have great consequences for the company. For this reason, specialized consultants are becoming increasingly more relevant for companies.

Despite the new technologies that appear day after day, this sector of executive search is still an industry of people. Companies look for specialized consultants in legal, sales or industry and talented professionals to carry out this process the best they can. They are looking for a personalized and flexible service, as we have mentioned before. And the boutiques can be adapted to the needs of the company.

In the world we live these days, which is full of large industries and companies that offer multiples services, we tend to seek the difference, to look for the most specialized and customized services.

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What advantages offer an executive search boutique?

In addition to all the aspects that make an executive search boutique special mentioned above, there are many more advantages. The first of these is the agility with which the boutiques carry out this process for their clients, without losing the quality of the service. Large companies have many clients and tend to extend these processes more. However, boutique consultants dedicate all their efforts to their clients so that the service is agile and excellent. The boutiques work under the demand of their clients.

Hiring a boutique also saves significant time and costs for companies. While the consultants are dedicated to the search, the companies can dedicate their time to other tasks, and even so they will be continuously informed of the process. It also saves the company from having to hire a specialized team to search for staff, as well as other necessary resources, such as specialized software or subscriptions to job web portals.

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Golferich, the boutique executive search

On the other hand, the consultants of this status have a large list of contacts, as well as a database of candidates where they can search for a suitable profile for the company. In addition, the boutiques carry out this process confidentially so that the name of the company is anonymous, because they also go to the competition to attract this talent.

Companies will be able to count on the experience of a consultant of that rank. For a search of that level, the company cannot afford to go wrong, so a lot of experience and specialization is required.

Finally, the close relationship that is formed between the consultant and the company makes it possible for the boutique to understand the company well and to be able to adapt to its needs.

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